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All our coffees are tested with many different roast profiles before going into our coffee bags. Every coffee lot has its own flavors, aromas and specific growing conditions, which therefore reacts in a very unique way to each roast profile we apply. There are no fixed rules, and that is why we do extensive cupping sessions before deciding the optimum roast solution.
We strongly believe that there is only one ideal roast profile for each single lot to express its condition, therefore our roasting style is only influenced by the coffee itself rather than the final brewing method.

Roasting Profile are used to measure the temperature the coffee bean gets roasted in order to achieve the best flavor.

Varieties in Roast Profile:

  • A roaster looking for a lively, intensely bright, and complex cup of coffee will likely roast their coffee quickly and to a lower temperature (like a baker seeking a gooey cookie).
  • A roaster who wishes to achieve a more mellow, sweet, and comforting expression from a coffee would roast the coffee to a higher temperature for a longer amount of time.
  • A roaster who wants to taste less of the origin character and more of the roast process—looking for dark-chocolate to smoky tones—would take the process even further, roasting to much higher temperatures.

We want to highlight unique aromas and flavors, and avoid as much as possible any roasty or burnt taints, therefore you will notice that all our coffees are quite bright and clear.

On our labels you will find the history of the coffee bean (location, altitude, flavor notes, body/acidity) which describes the flavor palette you will experience when drinking our coffees.

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