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Amid new openings and vintage coffee bars getting a makeover, here is a new coffee roaster company that has landed in Austin, TX.

Ferrufino House of Coffee

A family who has embraced a culture of coffee for decades started roasting home coffee about 10 years, specializing in 100% arabica coffee from all over the world. They have spent years roasting green coffee beans, cupping coffees and learning the different roasting methods.

William, owner of Ferrufino House of Coffee, says he got the idea of small batch coffee roasting from years of drinking burnt flavored coffee. “Every time I went to a big chain coffee shop or bought generic coffee beans, I always tasted a bitter and almost burnt coffee that left a bad aftertaste.” William says coffee flavors and aroma’s are the key to a good cup of coffee. “Many roasters over roast their beans, and that ruins the consistency of the coffee”, says William.

Small Batch Coffee

As a family coffee roasters, we always had the idea of roasting and selling our coffee. When we first tried it, we gave it out for free to friends and family. The verdict was they love it! Many of the green beans came with variety of aromas and flavor notes that could be tasted, unlike any other coffee they had tasted.

Ferrufino House of Coffee Collection

William soon found out that part of the reason why the coffee was so delicious was because of the small batch roasting process. “Well, you have small batch beer, or small batch vodka, so why not try out small batch coffee roasting”, says William. “In a small batch coffee roast, you can monitor the beans more carefully. Everything in the process is timed perfectly, so beans are roasted consistency based on our Roast Profile.” Roast Profile is the amount of time and temperature the coffee bean is roasted in. The process for small batch roasting is not time consuming, but patience is key.

Ferrufino House of Coffee officially began their company 2016. Since then, people have slowly started trying small batch coffee and loving it. There is an increase in producing good quality coffees. As wine is made in different flavor notes, the same can be said about coffee. Different environments, climate, soil, altitude all affect the green coffee bean. William says “Its not as simple as roasting coffee beans. Beans come with history and background. You have to find the best flavors and roast them at the right temperature where you can really bring out the flavors.”

You can buy Ferrufino House of Coffee directly from their website