Ferrufino Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company in Austin, TX focusing on quality coffee delivered to your doorstep. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our coffee, but what excites us most is our ongoing goal of creating coffee for people who just love good quality coffee.
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To find the best, we look at remote places. Ideal locations we look for our places near the equator. What is special about these places? Elevation, climate, mountains, forests. Just about the perfect situation to grow coffee.

We look for coffee beans in countries in Latin America and Ethiopia and Kenya. We personally travel to these places and visit coffee farmers and the hard work they put in each and every day in order to process coffee beans. Believe me, this is no easy task.

Seeing thousands and thousands of coffee cherries is an impressive sight. To think that coffee comes from a red cherry is amazing. We visit the washing stations and see how the cherry’s are peeled and then how the bean is washed.

The importance of a good cup of coffee starts here at the source. The way they are grown, handled, processed, all plays a role in how much you will enjoy that cup of coffee.

We only work with fair trade coffee producers, meaning we help sustain coffee farmers in these locations buy paying them fairly for coffee beans. This helps maintain a good relationship with them as well as help maintain their coffee farm and their production.

Above all, we want to help farms become sustainable to help their communities thrive.

What does Direct Trade mean to Ferrufino Coffee Roasters?

We don’t buy in bulk on a trading floor. We buy directly from the people who are making the coffee. This is a partnership. If we find quality coffee growers that we are interested in, then we will work with them. That means regular visits and forming a long-term partnership.

Our goal is for sustainability. Sustainable coffee producers are reliable people who can guarantee quality coffee beans. This means we trust the workmanship that goes in handling the coffee beans, whether is the equipment or the washing process. We trust these beans are of high quality, which means a better cup of coffee for our customers.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Perfecting the coffee roast.

The Master Roaster: This is someone who works at the coffee roaster all day long. They live and breathe coffee. They know exactly the right profile to heat the beans and make sure they don’t burn. The ideal ratio of sweetness and acidity comes naturally to them. They find the perfect balance every time because they are a Master of their work.

The Master Roaster does more than just roast. They observe the coffee with their senses. They look at the beans for consistency. They smell the aromas to make sure they are roasted correctly. They do this multiple times day for many years.
Roasting is just not about throwing coffee beans into a machine. Its about bringing out the best and full potential of each batch. Roasting is an art. The way they are roasted is important. It will bring out things like acidity, aromas of flower, chocolate, fruits, and earth. All coffee have this potential. The question is, how good are you at roasting it?

When green coffee is roasted they will let you know with the sounds of crackling. This first crack happens in the first 10 minutes of a roast. Eventually a second crack occurs. This lets us know we are closing in to the right roast and we need to begin the cool down process. It is important to quickly cool down the beans after the roast in order to not over roast them. The beans are oily in nature so too much heat can potentially ruin coffee beans.
We don’t just roast coffee all the same. We roast for flavor, never color.


We have a clear vision of how we roast our coffees. This goes through the selection of green coffees from origin. Our blends consist of coffee beans from distance locations including Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We carefully select the best beans and assemble them to create our wonderful blends. We may blend coffees with aromas of floral with fruits or chocolate with nuts. Every coffee is unique and part of the fun is experimenting and assembling a variety of coffee beans.


Coffee is about making you come alive. We of course smell coffee when we first rip open that pouch of coffee. What you smell, is one of the most complex things in the world. Where else can you find something that has aromas of floral and fruits at the same time? Coffee is a unique and delicate beverage.In each coffee bean are natural components. These traits get inherited based on the location they are grown. Coffee from a molecular level, has a lot going on.

So how does coffee taste?

When tasting coffee, you want to wait a bit to cool down. This is the perfect time to take a deep breath with your nose and smell the coffee. Once a few seconds have passed take that first sip. You will taste what you just smelled just seconds ago. Its tasting and smelling that makes the drink so pleasurable.

Everyone’s nose and taste buds are different, but you will most likely smell and taste similar notes. It will remind you of different foods and flowers. If you like chocolate, that sip of coffee will remind you of chocolate.

Don’t worry if you can’t describe it exactly, or have a different perception than someone else. You will like it, the way you perceive the flavors and aromas.


Coffee is a tree, and you probably prefer one branch to another, even if you don’t know it yet.

There isn’t one kind of coffee, there’s a coffee family tree.

 For hundreds of years, humans have been cultivating, hybridizing and perfecting it, and today there are hundreds of types, or varieties.

The variety of coffee tree matters—or at least, it usually does. Just as different types of grapes yield different wines, the variety of the bean can have a profound impact on the finished cup.

There are hundreds of coffee beans with all different aromas and taste.. We have selected the best ones and have created our delicious coffees based on quality, taste, and aromas. We know you will enjoy our coffee from Ferrufino Coffee Roasters!