Using coffee beans from Costa Rica, we blended light and dark roasted beans together. The end result is a medium bright cup that doesn’t lose flavor and has a juicy aftertaste.

Named after the area for its scenic and breathtaking views of Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country, our Oasis blend is one cup of coffee we know you’ll enjoy with or without the lake view.

Juicy & Bright

Cinnamon, Orange, Cherry, Lemon, Jasmine

Variety from Costa Rica


Did you know?

Costa Rica has a full 25 percent of its territory under environmental protection. The coffee industry is tightly regulated, with rules prescribing that fully ripe cherries must be collected by hand and processed the same day. Mills must also comply with strict regulations governing water usage, and must compost their cherry husks and mucilage.

Costa Rica’s exacting quality requirements and diverse microclimates contribute to a variety of high-quality specialty coffees that boast a rich range of flavors and characteristics—from high acidity to sweet chocolaty and malty flavors.