Coffee beans each have unique flavors and aromas and its our job to find the best ones

From coffee cherries to brewed coffee

As the seed of a tropical fruit—one that we source from places as distant and diverse as Costa Rica and Honduras, Ethiopia and El Salvador—your coffee’s flavor is an expression of its freshness. At Ferrufino House of Coffee, that freshness is what we stand by, and we gauge this metric not only by the time between roasting and drinking, but by whether a coffee was picked, sorted, rested, and shipped in a timely manner.

You may have noticed that our Ethiopia single origins most often appear in the spring, whereas Colombia coffees will pop up throughout the year. That is because we work hard to find the perfect type of coffee cherries from different regions at the height of there freshness. This means making sure the coffee is freshly picked and not sitting in a warehouse for months. We only focus on getting you the best coffee right to your doorstep.

How Does Coffee Age?

A well processed coffee is evenly distributed by well bonded moisture through the bean. As coffees sit on the shelf, they slowly “exhale” vapor and volatile compounds. Over time, the flavor changes. First, coffees lose their more nuanced aromatics; eventually, even their basic elements of sweetness and acidity are gone.

“We are constantly tasting for freshness,” says Will. “Each month we look at our inventory and cup. Cupping helps to make sure our coffee remain fresh with flavor and aromas”. Over time, we gain a good understanding of what coffees are the best investment in terms of shelf life; that is, which coffees are the most resilient to time and which the least. Green coffee is a living thing, more like a produce than an inert spice or candy, and each one has a unique life span based on who produced it and where it’s from.”

Making Taste Last Longer

Coffee quality, location of origin, processing, shipping time, storage—there are many variables affecting coffee flavor, and these variables in turn affect one another. This means we must always be tasting and experimenting, not just with single origins, but blends, too. For a single origin, our team must concern themselves with the freshness of just one coffee; for blends, they must do it for two or three.

Take our Oasis Blend. That is an example of single origin but dark and light roasts blended together to make a unique medium roast. In order to maintain flavor without sacrificing freshness, we’ve had to tweak its assembly over time. We practice and test things out until we get the right flavors we know our customers will enjoy.

Strive for Freshness

“We don’t like to overbuy our coffee supplies,” says Will. If we buy more coffee than we can sell at the height of its deliciousness, it goes to waste—which goes against our core value of sustainability.

We strive for freshness and we don’t want to ruin the quality of our coffees. We pay a lot of attention on properly storing and sealing our green coffee beans. We have a system so we aren’t sacrificing quality. This way our customers will receive the best coffee from us.

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