We air roast our coffee beans on a fluid bed of hot air. This improves the coffee’s quality and flavor by removing the outer skin of the beans, known as chaff, before it settles. As the bean expands, the particles of chaff are literally blown away before they can tarnish the bean. Coffee is usually roasted in a steel drum with the beans tumbling against the hot metal interior. The Chaffs are highly combustible and can sometimes burn up in the drum along with the beans. These mixtures of burnt chaff and coffee beans can leave you with a sour feeling in your stomach and that jittery feeling sometimes associated with drinking too much coffee.

In our Air Roaster process, the chaff is continually removed as the beans float on air, roasting evenly on all sides and guaranteeing a clean, consistent roast every time.

Air Roasted Coffee is less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste. You can taste the difference in every cup. We Air Roast our coffee daily in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness.