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We only source 100% certified Arabica coffee beans, carefully hand selecting each coffee based on specific quality and taste attributes. Not only do our beans produce a delicious cup of coffee, but they also help to promote sustainability in the developing countries in which they are cultivated.
Our roasting approach is essential in our unyielding pursuit of excellence. We roast in small batches, to guarantee the consistency and the freshness of our coffee. Our carefully crafted roasts are intended to highlight the nuances of each origin. All coffee is hand packaged and sold within a day of its roast time.
We use the freshest coffee beans from around the world. Aromas of floral, fruit, chocolate give our coffee blends the most unique and delicate flavors. Our artisanal process is not only unique to our roasts but also extends to our relationship with our customers – for us it's personal.

Coffee Roast Collection

Ingrained With Culture‎

Ferrufino House of Coffee began their pursuit of creating flavorful and delicate coffee from their many years of coffee roasting and knowledge of coffee beans. They set off to find the perfect coffee beans to roast unique coffee. After spending over a decade roasting beans from all around the world, they have hand-crafted some of the finest coffees using unique and precise roasting techniques.

Every decision is especially made, starting from the coffee selection process, choosing organic coffee and Fair Trade, to our unique artisan coffee roasting method we take. Let us share our delicious coffees with you. Each bag of whole beans coffee is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting from our Austin, Texas roastery.

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